ShotFlow LLC Begins Operations 1/1/2023!

Today is a big day in ShotFlow history. After a 7+ year journey as a division of Capture Integration Inc., we are tremendously excited to begin the next phase of our journey as a standalone company! Our business has grown and evolved into the world’s leading Enterprise Studio Management platform, and this change is a … Read more

This is a Big 3D Deal.

3D objects have arrived as a primary visual content type. Just as video was a rising tide over the past decade, the coming decade will see 3D objects complement and, in some cases, displace still photography across an array of product categories. Many studios are now taking on creation of stills, video, and 3D objects … Read more

Smarter Approval Gets Even Smarter!

ShotFlow Smarter Approval is getting some huge upgrades this spring, with a super cool new UI that makes it even easier and faster to collaborate on images and videos! Tools have been moved to exactly where you want them, and upgraded to offer more markup options. The new “contact sheet view” with bulk selection and … Read more

Spreading the Love!

We love creating great solutions for our studio production clients. So it follows that we would “share the love” by enabling ShotFlow users to express their own feelings right inside the platform. Our recent SuperViews release introduced favorites at the user level, via this cute little ♥️ icon. Now everyone can see the Views they … Read more

Everyone Likes to Go Fast(er)

While the rest of us enjoyed some much-needed down time during the holidays, the ShotFlow tech gurus were toiling away in their dark bunkers, working on some serious performance improvements. There are actually three different performance releases coming in early 2022 that will impact different parts of the platform, and we are excited to announce … Read more

COMING SOON: Mobile Samples & Styling 1.1

We’re very excited that a major scanning workflow upgrade to our Samples & Styling Mobile App is almost here!As we outlined on our Mobile Flow webinar in November, we are embarking on major upgrades to our iOS app for 2022.First up: support for Shipment Tracking Numbers to drive bulk Sample workflows. This feature enables a … Read more

ShotFlow Capture is Getting a Big Upgrade!

Earlier this year we launched the new Product-Centric View in ShotFlow Capture to provide an optimized user experience for clients shooting sample-driven, product-focused work with multiple shot angles. The feedback from clients has been incredibly positive, and along with the praise came some fantastic ideas for enhancements that we wish we’d thought of ourselves! Next … Read more

ShotFlow’s European Team adds 4th Member: Joseph Kimani, Client Support Manager

ShotFlow continues to grow our European team, based in Poznań Poland, with this month’s addition of Joseph Kimani, Client Support Manager. Joe is an experienced client support resource, his most recent role was Major Incident Manager at Lumen Technologies, an enterprise technology platform supporting mobile applications. Joe will work with clients subscribed to our upgraded … Read more

New Mobile Style Out Feature!

This is a whole new mobile capability for styling additional pieces with a hero product and linking to shots:  New Style Out action button. This new button is now visible along with the other action buttons. (Note that the upcoming 1.1 release will enable managing which action buttons are displayed based on the user’s role) … Read more

Upgraded On-Set Talent experience coming this month!

ShotFlow Capture is upgrading the On-Set Talent experience this month with a host of new features: New Add/Remove Talent functionality. Dynamically change the mix of On-Set Talent locally! Talent is displayed and managed differently based on On-Set Roles. The talent window now visually organizes and distinguishes the different types of Talent resources on this Shot … Read more