COMING SOON: Mobile Samples & Styling 1.1

We’re very excited that a major scanning workflow upgrade to our Samples & Styling Mobile App is almost here!
As we outlined on our Mobile Flow webinar in November, we are embarking on major upgrades to our iOS app for 2022.
First up: support for Shipment Tracking Numbers to drive bulk Sample workflows. This feature enables a user to scan the tracking information from a waybill, shipping label, or packing list to pull in all the samples in that Shipment with a single scan! This will enable a variety of new efficiencies when working with inbound shipments, as well as studios who retain those boxes as storage locations for samples during production. This release also supports tracking number scanning for assigning samples to an existing Shipment.

And we’re just getting started. Check out the recording of our Mobile Flow webinar to get a sneak peek at all the new things in the works: