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Data-Driven Workflows

Whether you are a current ShotFlow client expanding capabilities, or new to mastering content production, there’s a 4-letter word you need – data. ShotFlow is the only content production operating system delivering data-driven workflows configured for your pre-production, on-set, and post production teams.

Brand/Planning Team Operations:

  • Product Planning Data
  • Sample Requests
  • Sample Management
  • Brand Planning
  • Style-Outs
  • Resource Management

On-Set/Production Team Operations:

  • Studio Management
  • Talent Management
  • EQ Management
  • Shot Lists
  • Style/Shoot Guides
  • Capture Automation

Post Production Team Operations:

  • Smarter Assets
  • Smarter Approval
  • Post Vendor Automation(s)
  • User-Based Assignments
  • Enterprise-Level Integrations

For All Roles

We understand the dependencies that complicate your workflow, especially with data, collaboration, and automations.

You are a driving force behind an efficient and creative creative production team, ensuring that every visual element supports the Brand/CMO’s strategic vision. By integrating streamlined systems that eliminate data entry, lost documents, and manual copy-pasting, you have the ability to establish a rock-solid foundation for accuracy in the visual content process. A big key to your role’s success and to make informed decisions, you require essential upstream and downstream visibility into accurate reporting and metrics.


  • Proficient in harnessing vital upstream and downstream data to enhance the production of visual content for renowned global brands and studios.
  • Easily configurable integrations and automated processes at your fingertips, reducing the need for manual, error-prone tasks.
  • A seamless flow of precise data across the entire lifecycle of visual content creation, providing clear visibility and actionable insights for the business.

As a Merchant/Buyer, you’re not just facilitating; you’re the conductor, harmonizing products and content for a brilliant consumer experience. Streamlining communication with vendors for precise samples and/or vendor supplied content, you are at the start of data-driven workflows.

Automation will be your ally, ensuring priority scheduling for vital samples and content to support our creative timelines. Your demand for status visibility holds vendors accountable, guaranteeing the timely delivery of exceptional brand content.


  • Streamlined vendor sample ordering through email “packages” tailored to brand sample dependency rules, eliminating manual effort and data entry.
  • Automatic escalation processes aligned with our brand’s go-to-market deadlines, requiring no manual effort or data input.
  • Role-specific access to real-time content order status via a live dashboard, providing instant visibility.

The Sample Management Team plays a crucial role in the seamless production journey. Seeking visibility into upcoming samples and products, your aim is to inform teams about essential dates and guide items through the production workflow. With an efficient check-in system and easy status updates, you can swiftly communicate what’s ready for production. Your need to “tag” samples and products with pertinent information serves to distinguish each item and connect it seamlessly to its represented work. By meticulously tracking items within each facility, you can ensure the availability of stored items for the next steps in the process. Your goal is to also guarantee that the styling/prep team receives the required samples on time, orchestrating an efficient and precise symphony for a seamless production experience.


  • Streamlined automated email “packages” equip vendors with tags, shipping placards, and intelligent packing lists. This allows them to specify exact samples, along with carrier and tracking numbers before shipping, providing immediate visibility to intended recipients.
  • Effortlessly scan shipments before opening, gaining insight into included samples. Update the status of all items with a few taps using ShotFlow’s iOS app, and optionally capture reference images for added documentation.
  • Create and print personalized tags for samples, studio areas, locations, gear, and props. Seamlessly manage the movement of dozens of samples and products using the ShotFlow iOS app, directly connected to your brand’s data.
  • Access “pull lists” on your mobile device, pinpointing the location of each required sample within the facility, providing efficient oversight.

The Studio Management Team ensures efficiency and precision, optimizing resources for high-volume digital commerce production, streamlining processes to eliminate data entry and ensure accuracy. Armed with insights from accurate data, you refine strategies against visual content KPIs for continuous improvement. Beyond the numbers, your mission is to cultivate a thriving creative environment by allowing team members to focus on your role and responsibilities, fostering growth, satisfaction, and retention.


  • Implement data-driven workflows for continuous Studio Management resource planning, ensuring the seamless production of the brand’s high-volume creative content.
  • Utilize point-and-click configurable integrations and automations to eradicate manual and error-prone tasks.
  • Establish a unified flow of precise data throughout the entire lifecycle of visual content creation, facilitating clear visibility and actionable insights for the business.
  • Drive efficiencies and eradicate redundancies with data-driven workflows, saving time and enhancing overall user satisfaction in operating systems, fostering a creative-first approach.

As the Producer, your primary objective is the automation of low-value tasks, redirecting their focus toward high-value work to ensure a concentration on impactful endeavors. Your sole purpose is all about making sure resources are wisely used for each project by having the right data for shoot planning. With automated data guiding you on deadlines, resources, and available capacity, you can follow the Brand/Studio Production Rules seamlessly. Accuracy is key—reliable data means less time spent chasing information and more confidence in their work.


  • Advanced dashboards that highlight exceptions and issues tailored to your specific scenarios. Automations handle routine tasks, freeing you up for more valuable work.
  • Tailored data views and reports with predefined filters, featuring dynamic fields that update automatically based on production activity.
  • Streamlined calendars for Bookings, Shoots, and custom productions, guiding you from holding penciled dates to completed events.
  • Customized data views and reports with preset filters, and dynamic fields that automatically update based on production progress.
  • Easily integrate systems with point-and-click functionality, effortlessly flowing data from key systems into every produced asset. Common integrations include product data from PIM/PLM systems and content requests from marketing project management systems.
  • Intuitive, point-and-click dashboard reports composed of charts, data views, calendars, and instructions for real-time reporting. Stay informed on production progress remotely with dashboards reflecting real-time status updates.

As the Art/Creative Director, you are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality visual output. By directing and advocating for your current visual style guides and requirements, you can guarantee top-notch creative outputs for our high-volume visual asset production. You are seeking to embrace the latest tech and tools for non-creative tasks, allowing you to reclaim valuable creative time and better support both production needs and your team. You hope to have visibility into your specific creative responsibilities in one centralized place, eliminating wasted time searching for tasks within the creative production workflow. Your role is dependent on efficient collaboration on relevant assets, ensuring you can provide selects, notes, and approvals in a timely manner to meet production timelines for a high-volume of visual assets needed for commerce.


  • Ensure adherence to your creative direction by sharing the latest visual guidelines in real-time throughout the entire operation.
  • Streamline post-production workflows with preconfigured, point-and-click processes, eliminating the manual complexities of file management.
  • Instantly locate assets requiring your input on your role dashboard, eliminating the need for searches.
  • Facilitate real-time collaboration through straightforward and robust markup tools and comments.
  • Embrace a cloud workflow that allows you to work from anywhere on your own schedule.

As a Stylist handling high-volume content production, you rely on a calendar-style view to plan workdays around pre-production, production, and post-production needs. Your daily routine encompasses organizing a collection of items, telling a brand story through product styling, grouping, and propping for visual production. And on any given day of the week, you are responsible for sharing your work to other teams for input and approval, ensuring everyone involved understands and follows the plan. Yet, this creative process is riddled with broken workflows, missing information, and everyone keeps insisting you are some sort of data scientist based on their expectations of you to track every detail of the product information in a spreadsheet.


  • Customize your view of production activity with easy-to-use, point-and-click configurable dashboards.
  • Utilize calendar views to track upcoming shoot schedules and locations for style outs.
  • Keep styling consistent and on-brand by sharing the latest guidelines in real-time across the entire operation.
  • Easily record your styling work with a few taps on your mobile device. Utilize our mobile app’s barcode scanning feature to quickly associate styling pieces.
  • Enhance visibility for the production team by snapping a photo of the style out with your mobile device.

As a vital member of the On-Set Production Team (Photographer, DP, Digital Tech, or PA) for high-volume content production, your role is all about efficiency and precision. You need visibility to shot lists for your set, enabling you to capture the required visuals seamlessly. Moreover, having access to product and creative instructions ensures that you can efficiently capture the product based on overarching guidelines, avoiding unnecessary overtime or the need for reshoots. Automation of folders, filenames, and metadata tagging would be a dream come true allowing you to focus on higher-value human work while reducing manual data entry steps. Ideally, the auto-routing of selects to the next stage of the workflow would be a game-changer, ensuring you can leave on time instead of spending hours babysitting file uploads. In this dynamic role, efficiency is not just a goal—it’s a necessity for delivering outstanding visual content for the brand.


  • Accessing any Set through ShotFlow’s Capture interface (connected to Capture One Pro) provides all the necessary details, from products and shots to visual references and notes, streamlining the work process.
  • Streamline your workflow with automated file naming, robust metadata tagging, and organized folder structures within Capture One Pro or Enterprise.
  • Effortlessly route assets from Capture One output folders directly into a preconfigured post-production workflow with a simple point-and-click process.

As a Digital Imaging Specialist, Retoucher, Quality Control, or Post Manager, you require visibility to the assets assigned to you to ensure that you can seamlessly execute the tasks in the workflow. It’s vital for you to see notes and instructions related to the visual assets you’re working on, allowing you to retouch, colorize, edit, and route accurately without the need for assets to be sent back for redos. You need realtime access to current Brand Style Guides, ensuring that your work aligns with creative standards and eliminating the need for guesswork in finalizing each product in post-production. It would be a dream to have automation of repetitive manual steps in the post workflow which will allow you to dedicate more creative attention to visual assets and ensure the quality of your work outputs. Additionally, dynamic management of capacity and workload for you and your teammates ensures that you can meet volume demands based on resource availability and capabilities at any given moment in time.


  • Files assigned to you land directly in your inbox, ready to launch into Adobe Photoshop.
  • Utilize custom Adobe Creative Cloud metadata panels that offer comprehensive information, notes, and links to markups, facilitating successful retouching.
  • Gain access to Style Guides from any location worldwide, ensuring adherence to accurate creative standards.
  • Say goodbye to manual file handling with automatic asset routing and file naming via simple point-and-click preconfigured workflows.
  • Reassign assets in real-time based on up-to-date data on active work per user, optimizing efficiency and collaboration in the workflow.

As a member of the Technology Team, you are crucial in studio operations supporting the System of Record, ensuring the groundwork for efficient visual content creation within the organization. And this responsibility extends to verifying that all systems and tools align with security standards and best practices, safeguarding company data from potential threats. Your goal is to seamlessly connect all Marketing Technology systems, facilitating the smooth flow of accurate data between tools and fostering efficiency. To achieve this, you should seek to partner with experts in the visual content supply chain who understand the unique studio processes, allowing you to concentrate on addressing larger technology needs across the entire organization. In this role, you focus is not only on immediate studio needs but also on creating a resilient technological infrastructure for the broader success of you brand.


  • Adopt a comprehensive Enterprise-grade solution that eliminates the need for multiple point solutions and unauthorized tools.
  • Enhance security and compliance with an Enterprise-grade platform featuring single sign-on (SSO), replacing the multitude of spreadsheets and documents currently shared without proper security.
  • Seamlessly integrate with any number of Systems of Record in your business, including legacy databases, through easy point-and-click configurations.
  • Collaborate with an expert team possessing a profound understanding of visual content operations, ready to partner with you in supporting a highly specialized and mission-critical process.

As a vital part of the Product Vendor Team, your role is all about ensuring a seamless flow of physical merchandise into the creative production workflow. You seek visibility to unfulfilled sample and product requests from the creative production team to ensure that the required physical items are readily available for the production process. You spin your wheels providing clear instructions for sample and product fulfillment, tracking info, and product specifications for production. If dreams come true, you would receive timely notifications regarding rejected samples, productions, or vendor-supplied visual content. This way, you can take action to request replacements and ensure that the merchandise is accurately represented for purchase. In this role, your goal is not just fulfilling requests but ensuring the highest quality and representation of our products in the creative production journey.


  • Get a personalized email package containing sample tags, shipping labels, and a Smart Packing List. You can conveniently update shipping and tracking information, keeping your client informed.
  • Utilize an intelligent packing list that provides precise details of required samples, perfectly matched to pre-generated sample tags.
  • Receive automated email notifications, enabling quick and immediate substitution or replacement when needed.

Complex Content Production Assessment

Where is your organization in the journey toward more efficient content creation? Our deep experience working with retailers, brands, and studios across the globe has informed this framework to determine your next steps. Take our assessment and find out.

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Complex Studio Management Assessment
Complex Studio Management Assessment
Complex Studio Management Assessment

Client Success & Support

ShotFlow is beyond a tech platform. It is developed, configured, and supported by a team of commercial content production pros with over 200 years of combined experience working with the world’s leading brands and studios. From kick-off to ongoing configurations as your business needs change, the Client Success and Support teams members are with you every step of the way in your data-driven workflows.

Billed Monthly with Services Agreement

Continuous Optimization

Our experts continuously monitor your content production workflows, identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing enhancements to maximize efficiency and data quality. In retaining our Professional Services team for your specific instance of ShotFlow, you will also receive virtual Monthly Workflow Reviews and on-site Quarterly Workflow Reviews.

Risk Mitigation

Professional Services help you avoid costly mistakes by staying informed of any iterations in your systems, processes, or users to ensure there are no cogs in the line. Plus with new features being rolled out across our Desktop and Mobile App, ensure your team knows these features and benefits for your specific use of ShotFlow.

Cost Efficiency

As a partner in the production process, our Professional Services team is most cost effective as a retained service to stay connected to your instance of ShotFlow.

For some clients, retained Professional Services saved 15% a month in costs to have our expertise continuously partnered on solving their complex enterprise studio production problems. By optimizing processes and ensuring your team is working efficiently, we help you control operational costs and make the most of your content production budget.

Billed Monthly with Signed Estimate & Actual Hours Used

Flexible Scalability

Not sure how much expertise you will need on an ongoing basis? On-demand Professional Services offer the agility to adapt to changing needs without long-term commitments. Your Technical Account Manager (TAM) can evaluate your on-demand needs and estimate the level of effort accordingly.

Specialized Skills

After launch, you may need to tap your TAM and/or any of our other specialized professionals who all came from enterprise content production orgs and possess the skills and knowledge to tackle the immediate or impending needs of your ShotFlow instance.

Add-On Flows

ShotFlow believes in a phased approach to implementations, especially for multi-brand, multi-studio, and/or multi-locations and you may be ready to add new phases to your instance of ShotFlow. We got you! And will price out the Professional Services teams’ time accordingly to implement the next phase of ShotFlow for you.

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