Upgraded On-Set Talent experience coming this month!

ShotFlow Capture is upgrading the On-Set Talent experience this month with a host of new features:

  • New Add/Remove Talent functionality. Dynamically change the mix of On-Set Talent locally!

  • Talent is displayed and managed differently based on On-Set Roles. The talent window now visually organizes and distinguishes the different types of Talent resources on this Shot List per the new On-Set Role field. Featured Talent is tagged in metadata and auto-linked to each Shot featuring that Talent resource (identical to prior Talent functionality). Other Talent roles are shown together and grouped by their common On-Set Role, and are are not tagged in metadata or auto-linked to Shots.

  • Support sort in Talent to Shot List relationship. For clients who want to see Talent displayed in the Talent window in a certain order, as well as mirror that order in XMP metadata tagging, Capture now supports a sort in the Talent to Shot List relationship if enabled in the Brand app. All local Capture functions related to multiple Talent records for a Shot List will reflect the sort order. 

  • Aggregation of Talent values in XMP metadata. Now Featured Talent data is aggregated together as comma delimited lists in the auto-generated XMP metadata, and the order will be determined by the sort order of Talent to Shot List (per above).