ShotFlow Capture is Getting a Big Upgrade!

Earlier this year we launched the new Product-Centric View in ShotFlow Capture to provide an optimized user experience for clients shooting sample-driven, product-focused work with multiple shot angles. The feedback from clients has been incredibly positive, and along with the praise came some fantastic ideas for enhancements that we wish we’d thought of ourselves!

Next year, Capture 2.2.5 will bring some of the most popular client suggestions to Product-Centric View, enabling a huge leap in efficiency, especially when items must be shot in “scan order.”

Some of the new capabilities include:

  • Status icon at the item level. This new icon aggregates the status values of linked shots for each item in the left pane, providing instant visibility to which items are already shot (all shots completed), in progress, or ready (no shots have captures). In addition, if a linked shot is currently connected to Capture One, the Capture One logo displays as the status icon.

  • Mark all shots completed for an item. A contextual menu has been added to enable marking all shots completed for an item, saving effort when multiple shots are done.

  • Left pane sort order can be dictated by scan order. When utilizing Shot Retrieval, the order scanned can now be reflected in the item sort in the left pane, making it easy to define the order of items to be shot. This is dictated by a new Shot List Sort setting.

  • Show/Hide by Status now applies to Product-Centric items and shots. If you would like both the items and shots to disappear as soon as they are completed, the Show/Hide by Status menu option now applies to all items in Product-Centric View. So as you mark each item and related shots completed, it can disappear from Capture and the next item moves up to the top spot.

  • Revamped shot selection and connection visual experience to better align with tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, and get rid of some “extra green” that was introduced with the Product-Centric View launch. This includes replacing the old-school “camera” icon with a Capture One logo for the currently connected shot.

We are so excited to get this release into your hands, so be good and Swiety Mikolaj* may bring you all these goodies in your stocking!

*that’s the Polish Santa, in honor of our European team based in Poznań Poland!