This is a Big 3D Deal.

3D objects have arrived as a primary visual content type. Just as video was a rising tide over the past decade, the coming decade will see 3D objects complement and, in some cases, displace still photography across an array of product categories. Many studios are now taking on creation of stills, video, and 3D objects within an already chaotic creative production environment. If your studio isn’t dealing with 3D or video content yet, get ready – because it’s coming FAST.

ShotFlow is here to help, by supporting 3D object creation as a “third leg” of the content stool. ShotFlow has always supported automatically creating shot placeholders to represent the need for 3D objects, but our core focus was on end to end photo and video workflows as our first priority. Now that we have those content types “fully baked,” we are building out end to end 3D workflows through core functionality and integrations that will make the creation process seamless for studios.

The first big step is supporting 3D objects in Smarter Approval. Now our clients can review and mark up 3D objects in the same environment where they manage their still and video review process. This includes rotating 3D objects for visibility to all surfaces, and marking them along any part of their surface area. 3D objects can be mixed in the same review with stills and videos, if that’s how your team wants to work, or can be separated into different reviews depending on your workflow needs (all via the magic of Smarter Asset Automation).

Ready to find out more? Reach out to to get access to our Smarter Approval sandbox and play with this amazing new 3D markup capability!