Everyone Likes to Go Fast(er)

While the rest of us enjoyed some much-needed down time during the holidays, the ShotFlow tech gurus were toiling away in their dark bunkers, working on some serious performance improvements.

There are actually three different performance releases coming in early 2022 that will impact different parts of the platform, and we are excited to announce the first I Wanna Go Fast release is coming next month!

How much faster will you get to go? A lot. Like… a lot lot.

In testing copies of actual client apps in our development environment, we have clocked performance improvements of over 80% on average. Actual results will be dependent on the app configuration (and in some cases won’t be that noticeable if the app was already snappy), but for larger apps with heavy peak activity and very complex Views, this is a game changer!

So don’t be afraid, just buckle up and hang on, because 2022 is going to go by fast.