Improved Scanning Experience on Mobile!

Our iOS app upgrades the scanning experience this month! We’ve made the scanning process more accurate, informative, and flexible: The camera window is now full screen to make it easier to scan more barcodes even faster A new visual “counter” is overlaid on the camera screen to keep track of your running sample count – … Read more

Coming Soon: New “Super” Views!

ShotFlow’s huge array of configurable options has made it the leading Studio Production Management tool in the industry. No other tool is as powerful or adaptable to your specific brand/studio workflow, providing an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate the visual content creation process. But we’re about to take that configurability to a whole new level, by … Read more

FREE Full Day On-Site Studio Optimization Session!

The last 18 months have been uniquely challenging for every studio operation. A global pandemic forced studio teams to make many changes to adapt to a new way of working. As the pandemic threat eases in the US, many studios have an opportunity to use the lessons learned through this period to find new and … Read more

Orbitvu Integration Now Available for Client Beta!

The world’s first Studio Production Management integration to Orbitvu Station software is ready for client testing! ShotFlow Capture 2.2.2 provides support for automating Orbitvu sessions and required angles/views from a ShotFlow Shot List. This first stage integration is just the beginning of fully “hot wiring” Orbitvu systems with data, shot instructions, and output specifications. Existing … Read more

New Samples & Styling mobile app release 1.05!

Our iOS app is getting a facelift this month with new ShotFlow branding, and a big new feature: create new shot lists in the app from Shot List templates. Now a user can scan a group of samples that need photography, and by selecting the appropriate shot list template, auto-assign only the relevant shots for … Read more

New Orbitvu & Looklet Integrations: Capture the Future

Anyone working in high volume, product-driven photography knows that change comes slowly to the studio process. Even the transition from film to digital capture took some time, and that one was kind of a no-brainer, in retrospect. Yet 20 years after the digital revolution, many studios still work from printed Shot Lists and struggle to … Read more

Metadata Matters Podcast Episode 15: Metadata and Retail Brands

This week, we speak to Eric Fulmer, VP Operations at Shotflow, a company that delivers Studio Production Management solutions to retail and apparel brands. We thought it would be fun to talk to Eric to compare and contrast metadata in Shotflow’s world of retail brands with metadata in the media and entertainment world. Key parallels we … Read more

New ShotFlow Brand Identity!

We’ve updated our logo and branding to align with our vision and our next stage of growth. The new ShotFlow “rainbow droplet” logo speaks to our deep photography roots by suggesting a camera shutter, with visual segmentation that’s a nod to our modular approach. The droplet shape is all about “flow,” replacing static lists and … Read more

The End of IEN Photo Studio Ops Conferences

With last week’s closing of Insight Exchange Network (IEN), the host company for the Creative Operations Exchange conference series, the Photo Studio Ops conference series has ended. These events were held in Los Angeles and New York City from 2018-2020, and were focused exclusively on high volume studio production at brands. ShotFlow played a big … Read more

New Samples & Styling mobile app release 1.04!

New features include: Upload a reference image for any Sample you scan View an existing Sample reference image on your device Clear all scanned Samples with one tap Shot assignment to a Shot List utilizes the Shot Retrieval Mode setting Designate a Shipment Type when creating a new Shipment Filter Shipments by Type when assigning … Read more