Coming Soon: New “Super” Views!

ShotFlow’s huge array of configurable options has made it the leading Studio Production Management tool in the industry. No other tool is as powerful or adaptable to your specific brand/studio workflow, providing an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate the visual content creation process.

But we’re about to take that configurability to a whole new level, by giving our “Views” functionality a massive upgrade. Although Views are already a key way to slice and dice data to see exactly the “cut” each user needs for decision and action, they have some configuration and navigation limitations.

That’s about to change in a big way. Our new Views will leap over those limitations in a single bound, enabling users to work faster than a speeding bullet. Think of them as “SuperViews,” and they are, frankly, spectacular.

Get ready for:

  • Easier & faster navigation

  • New configuration options

  • More powerful actions

  • Simpler user training process

  • And so much more!

View the recording of our SuperViews Sneak Preview Event held on 9/1/2021: