New ShotFlow Brand Identity!

We’ve updated our logo and branding to align with our vision and our next stage of growth.

The new ShotFlow “rainbow droplet” logo speaks to our deep photography roots by suggesting a camera shutter, with visual segmentation that’s a nod to our modular approach.

The droplet shape is all about “flow,” replacing static lists and documents.

The rainbow palette symbolizes the diversity and creativity of our users and clients, our belief in the power of unique creative vision to illuminate to the world, and the promise (and hope) of better days to come.

The new ShotFlow logo typeface (Proxima Nova) is simple, clean, and bold.

The rainbow droplet is surrounded by a neutral color palette, with the occasional highlight of green – a color associated with growth and moving forward.

We hope you like our new look as much as we do, and you’ll see it across all of our channels and collateral in the weeks to come.