FREE Full Day On-Site Studio Optimization Session!

The last 18 months have been uniquely challenging for every studio operation. A global pandemic forced studio teams to make many changes to adapt to a new way of working. As the pandemic threat eases in the US, many studios have an opportunity to use the lessons learned through this period to find new and better ways to work.

The ShotFlow team has seen so many good things arise from this struggle across our worldwide client base. Teams discovered creative new solutions to problems that existed well before the pandemic. Lockdown brought rare downtime to address processes that desperately needed revamping.

But while this tragic event produced unexpected opportunities, it also accelerated a digital transformation that is putting even more pressure on studio teams to produce more content faster, with less resources.

Now is the perfect time to kick off changes that will benefit your studio operations for years to come.

But sometimes, you need a little help to get things moving. Ideally someone from outside your organization, with the experience of working with many other studios facing similar challenges, who can cut through the confusion and clarify concrete steps to move forward.

To that end, ShotFlow proudly announces a free full day on-site studio optimization session for qualifying organizations. This is an $1800 value, and it’s just another way we can help simplify Studio Production Management for:

  • Current ShotFlow clients – help maximize your ShotFlow investment

  • Studios with a home-grown system or commercial SPM tool – identify your toughest challenges that your current tool can’t manage, and let’s determine if ShotFlow’s configurability and ease of integration can deliver outcomes other tools can’t

  • Studios still juggling spreadsheets and disconnected workflows – chart a path toward a better tomorrow with actionable steps, including assistance building a clear financial ROI case

A (fully vaccinated, of course) studio workflow expert will spend a full day with your team, focused on your specific challenges and goals, brainstorming on new approaches, and making recommendations. At ShotFlow client studios, our expert will often re-configure ShotFlow “on the fly” to better match your needs.

All we ask is a day of your time with key studio roles, and a contribution to travel costs.

This offer is good from September through December 2021 and subject to qualification and scheduling availability of our Professional Services team. So get your session booked now!