Improved Scanning Experience on Mobile!

Our iOS app upgrades the scanning experience this month! We’ve made the scanning process more accurate, informative, and flexible:

  • The camera window is now full screen to make it easier to scan more barcodes even faster

  • A new visual “counter” is overlaid on the camera screen to keep track of your running sample count – now you can align manual counts and actual scans in real time!

  • Once you’ve completed scanning, the Sample list is full screen height for less scrolling

  • The app displays both the Sample barcode AND Product identifier in the Sample list

  • You can now use either the Sample barcode OR the product identifier to scan – so if you have pre-printed product barcode labels, you can use them for mobile scanning

  • When utilizing product identifiers, and there is more than one Sample record for the product, you can select which Sample you are working with

We have lots more in store for the 1.1 release coming this fall – including dynamic configuration of the iOS app experience based on user role!