Burnout Epidemic in Creative Production: A Call for Rebirth

It’s no secret that the production industry has long been plagued by a toxic culture of overwork, relentless deadlines, and the constant pressure to push ourselves to the breaking point. For too long, we’ve bought into the myth that success is measured by how many hours we log, how little sleep we get, and how much we’re willing to sacrifice our well-being for the sake of the project.

But at what cost? Chronic stress, exhaustion, and burnout have become all too common in our industry taking a devastating toll on our mental and physical health, our relationships, and our ability to create our best work. It’s time for a collective reckoning – a rebirth, if you will – where we reject the notion that self-destruction is the price of admission to this field.

This isn’t just about self-care – it’s about caring for each other, too. When we’re operating from a place of exhaustion and depletion, we’re not just hurting ourselves; we’re hurting our teams, our projects, and our ability to do truly exceptional work.

So take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if that’s your thing), and commit toward a more balanced, fulfilling, and sustainable way of working. Your well-being – and the well-being of our entire industry – depends on it.

Check out my favorite guided meditation to help reset the burnout moment.

With Hugs and Production Love,

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FOR CLIENTS ONLY: Mobile App Update – More Mobile Powers for the Sample Hero (read the release notes here)

In the latest release, we are excited to rollout some new features for the ShotFlow Mobile experience. This release ushers in a new era of mobile powers to improve your sample workflow on the go.

We started with the fundamentals – a shiny new Home button to effortlessly jump between flows after updating samples. Click it, and you’re ready to conquer your next critical task.

But that’s just the beginning. Now you can travel back in time with the Logged Fields feature – click the clock icon to peer into a sample’s past and understand how it has evolved.

But wait, there’s more! You now have the power to create Custom Shipments defining the exact fields you need. Leave the tracking number blank, and we’ll generate one for you automatically.

On the shot operations front, we’ve remastered the Assign Shots Flow. A new intuitive interface for assigning shots to lists with clear confirmations every step of the way. Pick a list, create a new one from a template, confirm, and bask in the glory of success.

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We partner with our clients to identify and implement big picture strategies and best practices around creative and content to ensure they can meet the needs of today’s “content velocity”.

By analyzing existing planning and activity around creative and marketing operations – including in-house and out-of-house agencies and studios — we help our clients put actionable changes into place that optimize the people, processes and technologies that make up the business of creative.

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Erin Corbett is a visual storyteller with a passion for leading and developing creative teams. She has been working in the fashion retail industry for 15 years, most notably for companies like American Eagle Outfitters, ModCloth, Farfetch, and H&M. Currently residing in Los Angeles, she orchestrates photo and video productions of many budgets and sizes, and specializes in studio buildout and optimization.

Erin is an authentic leader with a robust and loyal creative network, and she approaches her work with integrity and genuine positivity.