Implementing a new software solution can often feel daunting and overwhelming. However, at ShotFlow, we’ve perfected an implementation approach that ensures a seamless transition for our clients. ShotFlow’s implementation process is designed to make the journey as smooth and rewarding as possible, as new opportunities for process improvement emerge during the journey.

A Dedicated Guide to End-to-End

One of the key advantages of ShotFlow’s approach is the assignment of a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM). As Ben Eppes, VP of Client Success explains, “There is a lot of value in having a single person to reach out to at ShotFlow during implementation. You never have to wonder who your resource is – it’s always your Technical Account Manager.” This dedicated point of contact ensures that client stakeholders always have a knowledgeable and familiar partner to guide them.

Kickoff and Discovery

The implementation journey truly takes flight during the kickoff meeting, where goals, challenges, and the overall implementation plan are outlined. Clients are introduced to ShotFlow’s onboarding tool, which provides complete visibility into the project’s status, tasks, and dependencies.

But the real activation happens during the on-site discovery phase. ShotFlow’s team meets in-person with our client’s brand and studio teams to gain a deep understanding of their current processes. As Ben notes, “There’s just something that you get from being there that’s not replicable on a call.”

During this phase, ShotFlow maps out the client’s entire workflow, identifying potential pitfalls and creating a visual workflow document that provides clients with newfound clarity about their processes and reveals opportunities for improvements.

Customized Configuration

Now, with a deep understanding of our client’s needs, the professional services team gets to work configuring the platform to align with the client’s desired workflow. This iterative process involves presenting the configuration, gathering feedback, and making adjustments until everything is perfectly tailored to the client’s needs.

Throughout this phase, ShotFlow also provides training to ensure that our clients have a shared language and understanding of the platform as it’s been custom configured to their rules and goals.

User Acceptance and Launch

Once the configuration is complete, clients enter the user acceptance testing phase, where they get hands-on experience with the platform and provide final feedback. After any necessary tweaks, it’s time for the exciting launch phase.

During the launch, ShotFlow’s team returns on-site to provide final training, testing, and support as the client goes live with the platform. Ben notes that this is often a phased approach, with additional launches planned for other workflow components.

To Infinity and Beyond

If you ask Ben, the post-launch phase is often the most rewarding. As our clients see their data in the tool and experience the improvements to their workflows, a palpable excitement, relief, and opportunity sets in. As individuals experience the increased efficiency and ease that ShotFlow now brings to their daily work, they can move from low-value manual processes to high value creative design-making and better understanding of KPIs and business metrics.

In the words of Einstein and shared as a mantra by Ben: “You should make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler.” ShotFlow’s implementation process strikes the perfect balance, providing a complex and configurable solution to the intricate challenges of enterprise brand and studio content production.

With ShotFlow’s dedicated implementation approach, our clients can embark on a journey that transforms their workflows, streamlines their processes, and ultimately, brings excitement and joy back into daily production operations.