Automatically Process Line List attachments in ShotFlow!

Now Requests can include XLSX and/or CSV attachments that are automatically processed into production work (Products, Samples, Shots, etc.) via custom client logic! No more emails with critical production data that require manual download an attachment to begin a long process of manual steps to prepare for a seasonal campaign.

Now, a Request form is completed by the Merchant or Buyer with a simple list of the products to be shot attached, and the rest of the workflow is automated. That Request can originate in ShotFlow, or in a connected system such as Workfront.

Got 500 SKUs that need to be shot to align with very specific shot rules (Department 7 gets Front, Back and Side angles, but Department 8 gets an additional Detail shot)? No problem! ShotFlow can process an XLSX or CSV attachment automatically and convert a simple list of SKUs/items into all the exact Shots needed, as well as create “placeholder” records for the expected Samples… all in the background.

Your Producers will see this new work on their custom dashboard, ready to be planned and assigned to studio resources. Just another way we simplify Studio Production Management!