Nested Navigation is a Game Changer!

October brings cooler weather, approaching holidays, and thoughts of a new year. This October also brings a huge new feature to ShotFlow power users – Nested Navigation. This new navigation and visibility functionality is the most significant UI leap since the 2019 launch of ShotFlow’s “2.0” platform architecture.

Now navigating across many related data objects (tables) carries the “breadcrumbs” of each step in the user journey, including one-click return to any prior step. This visibility to all the related contextual data makes decision-making dramatically easier for Producers and others tasked with actioning on a large array of information.

In addition, the current related table has full functionality to perform any action available to your Role, from editing individual records to performing bulk actions, searches, managing views, and table-level controls.

The ShotFlow team is constantly striving to improve client experiences, and Nested Navigation is one of our proudest achievements in improving our platform significantly “overnight.” And there’s so much more to come! Watch this space!