The 4-letter word to drive studio management operations…


As we look ahead to 2024, you and your team are on a continuous “optimization” quest to improve process. Whether you are a current ShotFlow user aiming to implement additional functionality, or new to the mission of solving enterprise level content production ops problems, there’s a 4-letter word you need – data.

Tools like generative AI are entirely dependent on accurate data, something many retail and fashion organizations struggle with daily.

Most creatives didn’t start their career thinking they should know or care about data. But you don’t need to be a data guru to harness its power, you need an elite team of data masters working on behalf of the studio operation.

Want to make data a pivotal part of your enterprise workflow? Start by:
1️⃣ Understanding your brand rules upstream and downstream of your workflow role
2️⃣ Identifying the interconnectivity and interdependency of your role with others in the operation
3️⃣ Establishing common language and how it relates to the overall visual content production operation
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