Straub Collaborative

Client Success Story

How Straub Collaborative scaled eCommerce visual content production across multiple brands and studios with ShotFlow’s data pipelines and production tracking tools.

Straub Collaborative is a leading visual content studio that partners with major brands to produce product photography, video, and other visual assets at scale. As eCommerce has grown over the past decade, brands have demanded more content faster than ever before. Straub found that while they could scale content production across multiple studios, managing the data and metadata around the exponentially growing volume of assets became a major challenge.


Top Enterprise Requirements

Today’s enterprise content productions demand data-driven workflows that connect brands and studios. Our decade of learnings working with the world’s top retail brands has revealed the universal need for reliable access to data, that enable custom workflows and automations, plus actionable visibility across all roles and teams.


Your essential upstream & downstream data


Flexibly sophisticated automations to eliminate manual & error prone tasks


Across all teams, roles, and composable-tech integrations

Brand Rules, Meet Studio Ops

In every enterprise content production operation, the Brand rules drive the Studio production workflow, data requirements, and of course the necessary reporting for actionable insights.

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