Fully Automated Metadata Tagging

Shoot the way you always have (even offline!), but now all the contextual information related to each shot is tagged to every capture with no copy and paste, no typing, and no time lost. Focus on creative, while tagging more data than ever. Need to add a retouching note? Enter it once, and it travels with that asset on its journey with visibility in Adobe PhotoShop and Bridge.

Metadata-Driven Post Workflows

No more manual file copying to drive production. Smarter asset metadata combined with Smarter Asset Automation means every asset takes its own journey along your unique post workflow, picked up from capture point and passed to and from your local server, FTP, cloud services, and third-party vendors. Without uploading anything to ShotFlow, your team has visibility to all that asset activity right from your ShotFlow dashboard.

Make Your DAM Smarter

The moment a smarter asset hits your DAM, anyone can find it by searching product information, project/season, featured talent, angle/view, or any number of custom attributes that travel along with the asset. This not only changes how your organization can leverage assets internally, but transforms merchandizing on site (Shop the Look), powers social media campaigns, and accelerates asset delivery to channel partners.

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