Sharon Joseph

Director of Behind the Scenes

Joined 5/2019 – Rejoined 4/2023

What do you want to be when you grow up? For me, the dream was to be a chef.

Reality? I studied advertising. I learned some relevant (at the time) advertising brand strategy and subsequently worked at ad agencies and content production companies for about 20 years. But one thing has remained constant, I love producing an experience working from seemingly disparate ingredients pulled together for human consumption. Bon appetit.

Eric and I met in 2013 when we both recently joined a boutique photo studio named KSC Kreate under the job description of “make a medium-sized business into a worldwide enterprise.” I learned a lot about humans in that process and how to direct processes to enable their work-lifestyle. I had various titles while working at KSC Kreate turned OneKreate turned CreativeDrive (and side note they did reach worldwide enterprise status as Accenture Song), but all of my roles orbited around ensuring optimal outputs in high-volume eComm photo/video production studios. Since 2017, I began a personal mission to focus my professional energy towards consulting with various companies specializing in every facet of the creative industry such as content production studios, creative services groups, and even an animation studio that helped me garner an EMMY® nom for being at the right place at the right time with the right people to make something so significant for a multi-platinum recording artist named Wyclef Jean. Now, I rejoin forces with Eric and his team to spread the love of ShotFlow to all production studios looking to mastering brand content production.

I currently reside in Delray Beach, FL with my family. I’ve been getting back into travel again, post-partum and post-pandemic. And will be starting a local chefs group to reignite my interest to cook and craft experiences through cuisine.