Ben Eppes

VP of Client Success

Joined 9/2022

Ben started his photo journey when he quit his desk job, picked up part time gigs at Apple and Starbucks, and proceeded to knock on doors of local photographers asking to be let in. Things got out of hand, and one day Ben found himself managing an equipment room at an e-comm photo studio and building a digital workflow to wrangle a massive multitude of digital assets. And he liked it. Ever since, he’s been sculpting and polishing high-volume creative content workflows in his waking hours, and sometimes in his sleep.

A proud North Carolinian, Ben has found life in the city suits him, first in New York, and now Los Angeles with his partner Gemma. If he’s not hunting tacos or in his studio making strange sounds with synthesizers, he’s probably screaming his lungs out cheering for his beloved Panthers, Hornets, or Dodgers.