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  • Joe Kimani

    Client Support Manager

    Joined 11/2021

    Joe is a Kenyan-born chess lover who enjoys the genius in a bad pun. When he is not making bad jokes or reading books by Arthur Conan Doyle, he loves taking his road bike out or doing a 10k run in the morning. He invests his time learning about technology trends, python programming, and all things ShotFlow.

    Previously he worked as a Major Incident Manager and put out fires that could have spelled doom for various multinational companies. So he is just a slightly better version of superman.

    He is currently living in Poznan, Poland.

  • Mark Dellert

    Senior Business Analyst / Data & Process

    Joined 9/2022

    Mark’s journey in photography began when he was gifted his first camera on his 10th birthday. Years later, Mark achieved his Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Penn State University. Mark’s journey led him to New York City to explore the diverse and creative photography industry there.

    With more than 30 years in commercial photography in the Big Apple, Mark has worked with clients such as Amazon.com, Bloomingdales, Century 21 Stores, iDeeli, and Macy’s. During the mid-1990s, Mark managed the transition from film to digital photography, working with Megavison and their T2 three pass back’s. Mark created and refined digital workflows and processes during this time that are still being used in studios today.

    Originally a Jersey Shore native, Mark now resides in Central Pennsylvania just a few miles from his alma mater (Go Lions!). He spends his free time with his wife and his daughter, a senior at his alma mater. They enjoy long walks with their beloved beagle, mountain biking, and craft breweries.

  • Rebecca Davenport

    Director of Client Engagement

    Joined 11/2016

    Rebecca is passionate about client success. Her first love is teaching people new things, so she heads up the ShotFlow training effort as well as our client KnowledgeBase. Over the past six years, she has become a “Junior Business Analyst” as well, capable of configuring many aspects of ShotFlow “on the fly” as she trains clients.

    In her spare time, Rebecca is a mom of three girls that make her very proud, enjoys the fine arts including drama, karaoke and poetry, and loves to bring new life to old furniture.

  • Tim Grey

    Post Production Business Analyst

    Joined 1/2022

    Tim got his start in the world of high-volume e-commerce photography while working at Splashlight Studios as a digital tech. He then moved into an IT role to help develop their custom DAM solution, implementing major retail clients such as Victoria’s Secret, David Yurman, and ALDO. Since then, he’s worked in DAM, Creative Production, and Ecommerce as a Business Analyst, Technical Project manager, and consultant for varied brands in the fashion, beauty and CPG fields.

    Originally a native New Yorker, Tim has recently moved to California to see what the fuss is all about. He enjoys exploring the outdoors with his wife and caring for their 26 plants.

  • Will Rutledge

    Director of Systems Solutions

    Joined 7/2018

    With expertise in commercial photography, videography, and computer science, Will Rutledge has been described as a bit of a unicorn. Will managed QVC’s photography studio for twenty one years, introducing early digital photography equipment (Leaf DCB, anyone?) and eventually managing all photography operations for QVC’s website. He also helped scale the photography operations of Craftsy, Inc. (now Bluprint) from a few dozen items per month to a thousand items per month, putting in place systems to organize workflow and gather business intelligence. He believes in data driven decision making.

    Will has a hybrid liberal arts degree in Photography, Psychology, and Computer Science. He is very fortunate to call Golden, Colorado his home, where he enjoys skiing and road biking in the nearby mountains. His daughter, Eva, constantly amazes him with her strength and brilliance.

  • David Tobón

    Senior Backend Developer

    Joined 4/2022

    David is a full stack developer with 10 years of experience, born and raised in Medellín, Colombia. He enjoys learning new technologies, frameworks, programming languages and best practices to meet client needs. He describes himself as a self-taught person and a team player.

    David loves to spend time with his wife and son. He is a sports fan, mostly football (soccer), and he likes to make some noise with his guitar (even though he is not really talented).

  • Justin Guedes

    Apple Developer

    Joined 1/2023

    Justin is from South Africa and is a lifelong learner and technology enthusiast who is passionate about programming and dabbles in game development. He is always eager to learn about new technologies and programming languages, and constantly working to expand his skillset. He enjoys using his knowledge to create innovative and exciting projects, whether it’s a new game, a website, or a mobile app. He has a strong interest in game development and has been experimenting with different game engines and tools to bring his ideas to life. In addition to his passion for technology, Justin is also dedicated to staying on top of industry trends and best practices, and is committed to producing high-quality work. In his free time he enjoys gaming and spending time out in nature camping and doing game drives.

  • Michael Rodriguez

    QA Automation Engineer

    Joined 03/2024

    A dedicated IT professional with experience in both software development and QA, experienced in merging innovative ideas with testing. including over six months as a React front-end developer and over two years in the role of a QA engineer, consistently delivering high-quality software. Familiarity with tools such as JIRA, TestRail, and Git, particularly in agile environments. perform manual testing for mobile and web applications, manage multiple software versions, and automated tests for both APIs and front-end interfaces. Additionally, with experience in HTML, CSS, NPM, and JavaScript, equipping them for upcoming projects. Additionally, working on manual testing for IoT devices, providing a comprehensive understanding of software development and testing processes.

  • Santiago Murcia Cadavid

    QA Automation

    Joined 02/2023

    Justin is from South Africa and is a lifelong learner and technology enthusiast who is passionate about programming and dabbles in game development. He is always eager to learn about new technologies and programming languages, and constantly working to expand his skillset. He enjoys using his knowledge to create innovative and exciting projects, whether it’s a new game, a website, or a mobile app. He has a strong interest in game development and has been experimenting with different game engines and tools to bring his ideas to life. In addition to his passion for technology, Justin is also dedicated to staying on top of industry trends and best practices, and is committed to producing high-quality work. In his free time he enjoys gaming and spending time out in nature camping and doing game drives.

  • Yeisson Pinilla

    QA Automation

    Joined 3/2024

    Informatics Engineer with about 2 years of experience in the field of software quality, passionate about coding, and mathematics. Love traveling, specially to European countries.

  • Ben Eppes

    VP of Client Success

    Joined 9/2022

    Ben started his photo journey when he quit his desk job, picked up part time gigs at Apple and Starbucks, and proceeded to knock on doors of local photographers asking to be let in. Things got out of hand, and one day Ben found himself managing an equipment room at an e-comm photo studio and building a digital workflow to wrangle a massive multitude of digital assets. And he liked it. Ever since, he’s been sculpting and polishing high-volume creative content workflows in his waking hours, and sometimes in his sleep.

    A proud North Carolinian, Ben has found life in the city suits him, first in New York, and now Los Angeles with his partner Gemma. If he’s not hunting tacos or in his studio making strange sounds with synthesizers, he’s probably screaming his lungs out cheering for his beloved Panthers, Hornets, or Dodgers.

  • Cesar Perez

    QA Director

    Joined 4/2022

    Cesar is a seasoned professional with an extensive technical and managerial experience in Quality Assurance, Release Management, and Project Management. Along his career, he has worked in several fields, from Telecom to Banking, Artificial Intelligence, SW apps and IoT. He also brings a broad customer-facing experience combined with a passion for quality deliveries and client satisfaction. He has lived and worked in Montreal, Toronto, Madrid, Barcelona, San Francisco and Stockholm.

    Originally from Venezuela, Cesar left its sunny beaches and moved several years ago to the Great White North to “enjoy” the Canadian weather and its snow storms. He loves to travel and has been to more than 30 countries during his journeys around the world, trying to catch warmer destinations when possible. He also enjoys going to the beach, biking, playing video games with his daughters, cooking and spending time relaxing with family and friends.

  • Charles Brickey

    Director, Biz Dev & Partnerships

    Joined 4/2023

    Charles has worked for and with agencies, corporations, and startups eager to grow their businesses for over 20 years.  A graduate of The University of Alabama, Charles earned his Master’s degree in 1999 and shortly after moved to Atlanta.  Experienced in working with large enterprise clients down to small businesses across a variety of industries, Charles brings a wealth of experience building long-term relationships with extraordinary people. 

    After living in Atlanta for over 20 years, Charles and his family recently moved to Colorado after falling in love with the Rocky Mountains while on vacation.  You will often find him on the bike trails, or hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. In his free time Charles enjoys spending time with his 13-year-old son Ben, his wife Melissa, and their three rescue dogs.  Charles is also an amateur photographer who specializes in landscapes, wildlife, and the night sky.

  • Emily Taylor

    Director of Product Management

    Joined 9/2023

    Emily fell into the e-commerce industry and digital asset production in early 2007 at Cost Plus World Market, back when the field was still nacent – less than 10% of revenue. She was settling back into the U.S. from a few years of traveling and volunteering, picking up a husband on her way through Sri Lanka and gearing up to for a masters in Development Economics.

    On her first day in her temp role, she had to dig herself out of a sample closet trying to determine the right products to be shot for the website – urgently needed because they were already in stock and not selling! After that first day and many days after, she was able to start putting order to chaos, devising systems for working with merchants to hand off samples (with labels) to ease the production flow. In the coming years, e-commerce assortments grew and the number of skus on the website exploded, and with it, Emily expanded the single tiny studio set into 3 sets across 2 locations. Eventually Emily built the team and kicked off the development of a new studio within the distribution center.

    She headed to Banana Republic, where she learned about Product Management and witnessed development teams doing amazing work building their own software. After a few more years in visual content production, she transitioned into a Product role, leveraging with her rich history of technology particularly optimizing use of website tooling for exceptional customer experiences. One of Emily’s early products was photo studio software, originally a homegrown solution custom built to the needs of the Gap Inc photo studio, delivering millions of photos to the website each year. She was able to implement ShotFlow for Athleta in 2017, an early adopter who saw the potential of the platform immediately. Since then, Emily has built out the product management function at L.L.Bean, launching many key customer-loving website improvements as well as sustainable cross-functional workflows to continue delivering high-value enhancements.

    Emily lives in Oakland with her chef husband and 2 daughters.

  • Eric Fulmer


    Joined 4/2015

    Eric is one of the world’s foremost experts in Brand Content Production. He has been a pioneer in digital photography and digital asset workflow since the early 1990s, when he joined Fuji’s fledgling Digital Imaging Division. Later, Eric worked with many leading photography studios to improve their capture and image processing workflows. Prior to founding ShotFlow, he was part of the technology team at one of the world’s largest studio production companies, implementing technology solutions for leading apparel and retail brands.

    Eric has six children ranging in age from adults to eight year-old twins, which keep him and his long-suffering wife Erika very busy (she not only endured 30+ years of ‘Eric & Erika’ comments, she has put up with her husband babbling to himself about nothing but studio process for a full decade). They live on a “hobby farm” in Georgia with sheep, cats, and dogs. He is a voracious reader and political junkie during his rare moments of spare time.

  • Sean Newby

    Chief Technology Officer

    Joined 4/2017

    Sean grew up cavorting in the vast forests of Canada with his pet moose cub, Biscuit. They had many adventures together, including learning to play hockey on a perpetually frozen lake, building computers out of sticks, and hacking into the US election system.

    As the Canadian who ensures everything is actually working, Sean has no time to write pithy bio entries, rather he spends his spare time making snarky comments about Americans and getting hit in the head with pucks.

    There are persist rumors that Sean is building a fortress of solitude inside a dormant volcano somewhere in Central America, but those claims remain unsubstantiated as of this writing.

  • Sharon Joseph

    Director of Behind the Scenes

    Joined 5/2019 – Rejoined 4/2023

    What do you want to be when you grow up? For me, the dream was to be a chef.

    Reality? I studied advertising. I learned some relevant (at the time) advertising brand strategy and subsequently worked at ad agencies and content production companies for about 20 years. But one thing has remained constant, I love producing an experience working from seemingly disparate ingredients pulled together for human consumption. Bon appetit.

    Eric and I met in 2013 when we both recently joined a boutique photo studio named KSC Kreate under the job description of “make a medium-sized business into a worldwide enterprise.” I learned a lot about humans in that process and how to direct processes to enable their work-lifestyle. I had various titles while working at KSC Kreate turned OneKreate turned CreativeDrive (and side note they did reach worldwide enterprise status as Accenture Song), but all of my roles orbited around ensuring optimal outputs in high-volume eComm photo/video production studios. Since 2017, I began a personal mission to focus my professional energy towards consulting with various companies specializing in every facet of the creative industry such as content production studios, creative services groups, and even an animation studio that helped me garner an EMMY® nom for being at the right place at the right time with the right people to make something so significant for a multi-platinum recording artist named Wyclef Jean. Now, I rejoin forces with Eric and his team to spread the love of ShotFlow to all production studios looking to mastering brand content production.

    I currently reside in Delray Beach, FL with my family. I’ve been getting back into travel again, post-partum and post-pandemic. And will be starting a local chefs group to reignite my interest to cook and craft experiences through cuisine.


ShotFlow solves the complexities of visual content creation for the world’s best-known retail and apparel brands. A product page full of beautiful images and videos doesn’t just happen by magic, it takes whole teams of studio production professionals to create visually compelling content. ShotFlow is a workflow tool managing and accelerating the complex production processes behind the scenes. There are no available positions at the moment.

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