Leighana Novak

Leighana’s home is an adorable town 30 minutes outside of Columbia, South Carolina. She has lived in Georgia for three years now and officially considers herself a Georgia Peach.She and her husband have two fur babies, Millie and Remi, both rescue cats who they spoil with lots of toys, and the occasional lick of whipped … Read more

Sharon Joseph

What do you want to be when you grow up? For me, the dream was to be a chef. Reality? I studied advertising. I learned some relevant (at the time) advertising brand strategy and subsequently worked at ad agencies and content production companies for about 20 years. But one thing has remained constant, I love producing an … Read more

Charles Brickey

Charles has worked for and with agencies, corporations, and startups eager to grow their businesses for over 20 years.  A graduate of The University of Alabama, Charles earned his Master’s degree in 1999 and shortly after moved to Atlanta.  Experienced in working with large enterprise clients down to small businesses across a variety of industries, … Read more

Ben Eppes

Ben started his photo journey when he quit his desk job, picked up part time gigs at Apple and Starbucks, and proceeded to knock on doors of local photographers asking to be let in. Things got out of hand, and one day Ben found himself managing an equipment room at an e-comm photo studio and … Read more

Sean Newby

Sean grew up cavorting in the vast forests of Canada with his pet moose cub, Biscuit. They had many adventures together, including learning to play hockey on a perpetually frozen lake, building computers out of sticks, and hacking into the US election system. As the Canadian who ensures everything is actually working, Sean has no … Read more

Eric Fulmer

Eric is one of the world’s foremost experts in Brand Content Production. He has been a pioneer in digital photography and digital asset workflow since the early 1990s, when he joined Fuji’s fledgling Digital Imaging Division. Later, Eric worked with many leading photography studios to improve their capture and image processing workflows. Prior to founding … Read more