New User Field Makes Work Assignment and Visibility a Snap!

Our next release on 4/14/2023 brings an all-new Field Type to ShotFlow: User Fields!

This field type can be added to any table in ShotFlow, including adding multiple User fields on a single table.

When editing a User field, it works similarly to a multiple choice field, but only the current valid users in the app are shown as selection choices.

Action buttons can now be configured to update a User field in order to assign work, and View filters can be set to limit displayed records to a specific value in a User field.

This combination opens up a wide array of work assignment and visibility possibilities across all aspects of ShotFlow, from Requests, Shipments, and Samples, to Bookings, Shoots, Shots, Sets, and Assets — they’re all ready for assignment and individual work queue visibility with this cool new field type!