Smarter Approval Goes Bonkers with New Features!

We’re so excited about the next release of Smarter Approval! It’s simply packed with new stuff that our clients have been dreaming of!

Of course we’ve been handling collaboration on both video and images for years now, and the addition of 3D object support is a whole separate news story. But on top of all that, here comes:

  • Our new Smart Compare feature not only shows two revisions of an image side by side and zooms/pans in sync, you can also toggle on a compare layer that shows just the differences between the two images! This will save lots of time to quickly focus on only changed areas between the revisions.

  • Searching and Filtering! Want to only see images, videos or 3D objects that have annotations, and hide the rest? How about those with a certain SKU number in the file name?

  • AND COMING SOON… Star Ratings! But not just any star ratings, these will be extra special, but to find out more, you will have to join our What You’ll See in 2023 webinar!