Card Display: A Whole New Way to Interact with Data!

We are incredibly excited to bring a totally new visual interface to ShotFlow. This is the first completely new way to see data since the launch of our “2.0” platform back in 2019. Data in ShotFlow has always been shown in a “grid style” view (similar to a spreadsheet) or via a chart.

Today’s release marks the debut of a third way to view data: card style. Now, see your data in a whole new way, including support for much larger image previews!

In addition, single record views are now configurable! This new functionality enables configuring the displayed fields and image thumbnail source for an individual record view. Previously, this view displayed all the fields for the relevant table, in alphabetical order. Now the single record view can be configured independently of the “parent” view it is accessed from, and can also include a large image thumbnail: