ShotFlow Team Retreat 2022: Atlantic City

pocket aces, new faces and warm embraces: ShotFlow reunites in Atlantic City, NJ, USA.

ShotFlow’s Annual Team Retreat in Atlantic City, NJ, brought together 16 people (plus a dog) from several U.S. states and four continents for the first time since 2018.

On Monday, September 26, the ShotFlow Team began to descend upon Atlantic City, New Jersey USA. ShotFlow rented two gorgeous beach houses on the Atlantic City boardwalk for the first ShotFlow Team Retreat in four years.

Generally speaking, this was the very first time we have all ever been together — and while some unfortunately couldn’t make the trip, they were missed and constantly updated during the week. But there were also quite a few new faces walking in the door, four of whom were starting their first day and one who started one week before the trip.

That’s right — five new hires! In total, 16 of us ventured to Atlantic City. Even ShotFlow’s mascot, Bandit, hitchhiked his way to the Jersey Shore, and he doesn’t even have thumbs.

Turn the Page

ShotFlow’s incoming CEO Eric Fulmer kicked off the week’s agenda taking us through the evolution and history of ShotFlow — so far. He shared and dove into our vision, values, strategy, how our unique culture evolved, and outlined the latest reorganization of ShotFlow’s different departments — marking a major milestone in the company’s history.

The page has turned, and the ShotFlow story has a new chapter ahead.

Those unable to be there joined remotely, and Len Mizutowicz surprised everyone by hosting the entire cast of the “The Jersey Shore” in a discrete hot tub (he was producing their upcoming West Coast series in an undisclosed location, but found time to join us remotely).

The presentation tied years of bits and pieces of company knowledge together to tell the story of ShotFlow’s transformation…so far. An idea from a passionate problem-solver (read: Eric’s obsession) paired with Josh Booth’s solution (read: magic) evolved into a small start-up of five that is now an international company supporting a long roster of A-list brand and studio clients. ShotFlow is the leader in Enterprise Studio Management.

Between the significant and strategic shifts the company has made, our position in the marketplace, and the global professionals who have joined the team, a whole lot has changed in a short time.

Studio Tour in Philadelphia

On Thursday, ShotFlow visited Philadelphia to tour client studios. Whether we had been in hundreds of studios before or were setting foot in one for the first time, observing how clients interact with our solution in the studio was incredibly insightful and extremely valuable for everyone.

Friday was reserved for internal team breakout sessions. Each group met with their team lead and teammates while Bandit chased seagulls with the Atlantic City Beach Patrol. Each group collaborated and shared ideas around our vision of success, specifically, what we can collectively do to make help our clients be more successful every day. The insights that came out of our Philadelphia studio tours were a critical component of these conversations, along with the collective and unique experiences of every teammate.

Friday evening was reserved for what some might call “karaoke.” But whoa, we karaoke’d hard! We sang our hearts out to hits from Elvis Presley to Carrie Underwood, Blink 182 to Air Supply, Polish songs which oddly contained no vowels and a genre of music that Bulgarians refer to as “Chalga”. Some even busted into Warren G. before going down a rabbit hole of Disney songs. Bandit danced his tail off with Geoff Glasser before falling asleep on Eric and we most certainly broke the city’s noise ordinance.

Departing from Atlantic City was difficult — getting to know each other on a much more personal level, creating what we hope to be lifelong friendships and welcoming so many new people was an incredibly powerful experience.

There may have. been some extra-long hugs and a few teardrops, but we left off by saying “see you next year!” rather than saying “goodbye.”