Locations, Areas, and Sets, oh my!

Last fall’s Mobile Flow 2022 webinar presented our roadmap to enhance ShotFlow’s sample management through a more sophisticated “parent-child” storage model. We introduced Areas as a new object to track larger physical spaces in the studio (Rooms, Shelf Units, Zones, etc.) in addition to the existing Locations (Racks, Carts, Bins). This new data model better mirrors the physical terrain and organizational structure at client studios.

The final transition to supporting the Area-based storage model begins this fall, as pending ShotFlow Capture and Samples & Styling mobile app releases add support for Areas and Locations in the studio.

In addition, Sets are now becoming specialized Areas. So each Set can contain multiple Locations (most commonly racks, carts, and/or bins) that have been placed on-Set for production work. In 2023, Capture will be able to “see” all Sample inventory in that Set Area, and users can process an entire rack or cart of Samples into an empty Shot List “bucket” without scanning any samples!
For assistance in setting up Areas and Locations for each of your studios, contact support@shotflow.com