LAUNCHED: Dynamic On-Set Statistics Panel

ShotFlow Capture has been evolving since early 2016 with continual enhancements across a range of functions, but it’s not that often we introduce a completely new feature “from scratch.” Today we are launching a totally new capability directly driven by client requests: Dynamic On-Set Statistics.

We knew it would great to have a local panel that each capture team could reference to check their on-Set progress “at a glance,” but the incredibly broad way our clients utilize ShotFlow for their unique metrics presented an interesting challenge when it came to defining those goals.

The first issue is that everyone doesn’t measure goals based on the same criteria. Some clients have a true “shot count” target, but others are counting completed products (not shots), and/or a sample count (which may not match the number of unique products). Others want to just set a number of hours the work should take, instead of working against discrete counts. As usual, the problem is configurability to align with client metrics, instead of forcing clients to use an arbitrary metric of our own making.

Now consider the different ways clients align Sets and Shot Lists (not always 1:1). It would have been easy to force a client to set “static” goals for each Set manually, but that would fall apart when things started to change ”in the heat of battle,” as Producers monitor production progress and add or remove Shot Lists dynamically during a session. Now mix in the complexity of multiple Shot Lists on a single set from one or more brand apps (which comes with the territory when you’re the world’s first and only Enterprise Studio Management tool), and things get even more hairy.

Our solution was to enable multiple goal types for each Shot List, and clients can choose to use any or all of them in their process. Then ShotFlow Capture dynamically calculates the current progress based on all active Shot List(s) on the current Set. This means more “behind the scenes” work for the tool, but makes it much easier for Producers to set up their goals on various Shot List templates (On-Figure, Flats, Mannequin, etc.) and then clone from templates to “stamp” standard goals on that type of Shot List. If work is shifted during a session by adding or removing Shot Lists from a Set, the goals for that Set will shift dynamically to match the unfinished work.

It’s harder to explain than to show, so reach out to to get your Shot List templates updated with the new Goals fields, and we can walk you through configuring goals to align with your unique Set productivity metrics!