Your ShotFlow Metadata in Adobe Premiere!

Video is a growing trend for our studio clients in recent years. We supported adding custom metadata to video files way back in 2019, but the metadata wasn’t always visible in editing tools due to the various unique ways metadata is managed by different systems.

Now Capture 2.2.7 and higher includes built-in panel support for Adobe Premiere to show custom XMP metadata for video files. With the addition of Smarter Asset Automation to inject XMP metadata directly into modern video formats, ShotFlow’s metadata is available directly in Premiere for your editors to see product data, talent information, editing notes, project/campaign/job data, or pretty much anything you can track in ShotFlow!

The process is super simple:

  • Drag and drop video file(s) onto the appropriate shot in Capture, tagging product(s), talent, season, etc. data along for the ride as an XMP metadata sidecar

  • Utilize Smarter Asset Automation to automate routing these files into your post process, including metadata injection (transferring metadata from the XMP sidecar into the video file header)

  • Enable the custom ShotFlow panel in Premiere (you only need to do this once per local system)

  • Open the video file and feast your eyes on all that juicy metadata!