Sizzling Summer Single Sign-On Support? Sassy!

Although some people may think user authentication isn’t exactly sexy, it’s actually super important for corporate clients with lots of users that need to be managed and grouped for secure access. As ShotFlow on-boards more large brand and studio clients with big user bases, Single Sign-On (SSO) support has been growing on our priority list.

This summer ShotFlow will launch Single Sign-On, and in our classic style, we took a configurable approach. We knew we needed to be able quickly adapt to the many different standards and commercial solutions utilized by our Fortune 500 clients, now that ShotFlow is firmly positioned as the world’s leading Enterprise Studio Management (ESM) platform.

It may not be as cool as an icy cold beverage at the swim-up bar, but your technology team will thank you and maybe stop making all those disparaging jokes about your Macs*!

* they’re never going to stop doing that.